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  • Escape

    Come, join me

    Entebbe evenings

    Sunset at the Guinea Fowl guest house, Entebbe. Accompanied by an orchestra of evening bugs, dinner guests eating al fresco, motorbikes (boda bodas) scurrying along dirt tracks. And Casper (the dog) shuffling around in the bushes.

    Entebbe mornings

    No better way to wake up than to birds causing havoc, a cup of coffee and the sun beating down at the Guinea Fowl, Entebbe.

    Masaka evenings

    Atop Golf Lane hill, looking out at Liberation square, the faint sound of people drinking, laughing and eating behind me.

    I Lift Uganda: Episode #1, Sheila Gabeya

    An interview with Sheila, sharing how HIV affected her and her family, what it's like to work in the HIV and family planning space as a young, single, woman, and how she is using music to transcend stigma and educate the youth about HIV

    I Lift Uganda: Benedicta, Kinawataka Initiatives

    “I started my business weaving discarded straws into products like mats and bags to survive. Then I got recognised and now I am travelling the world, people are so amused with my product, they want me to speak about it. With my money I have taken over 30 children through school now. I want my business to grow so I can keep helping my community, especially the young girls. People know me as the woman in Kinawataka who helps the needy. People now come and line up at my door. And I never turn anyone away.”

    *live west nile mix_arua mornings

    Tanzania - Jos &Eli
    Area - Innellea
    Amene -Andhim
    Marimbo - Daniel Rateuke
    Celubaba - Ivory (IT)
    Mirach - Ranico & Lez

    *live nile mix_jinja evenings

  • I'd like to think of this as my home-away-from-home.

    No, no. Keep your shoes on. Honestly it's fine, we have wooden floors.


    I put this website together so I had somewhere to deposit my thoughts and reflections, as I embark on my field research in Uganda.


    However, I want it to be more than a depository of incoherent academic verbiage.

    (It will be this too)


    In addition to blogging my reflections, I am collecting the images, videos and sounds of my data-collection journey - And sharing those with you.


    I hope they paint a vivid sensory picture, that can be accessed by anyone.

    No matter their language, occupation or age.


    Keep your eye out for health and fitness and food-themed blogs too!


    Oli otya 🙏🏽






    "There is no such thing as a special category of science called applied science; there is science and its applications, which are related to one another as the fruit is related to the tree that has borne it."


    - Louis Pasteur

    Doctoral Researcher


    Aston Business School

    Researching the lived experiences of female entrepreneurs in Uganda



    Uganda's Women's Network

    Studying this rich and dynamic network of female entrepreneurs.

    Programme Designer & Evaluator


    NextGen: Enterprise Nation

    Nurturing young enterprising people launch their first business!

    Facilitator & Evaluator



    Developing Women Leaders

    Transforming women in their roles as leaders in health & social care.

    MSc Org Psychology


    City University, London




    The Uganda Foundation

    A social movement:

    To inspire giving and empower change in Uganda.

    Lead Researcher


    Circle Women

    Voicing the successes, challenges and strategies of Global women leaders

    Facilitator & Evaluator



    Partnering to design, deliver & evaluate a women's leadership programme in Uganda.

    Charity Director


    The Uganda Marathon

    Straddling the boundaries of 

    The Uganda Foundation, Masaka Marathon and Uganda Marathon.

    Research Manager


    Leadership and OD

    Facilitating learning, capturing knowledge and showcasing the impact of our work in supporting leaders of health and social care.

    Facilitator & Evaluator



    Empowering young Peruvian women to take up leadership in conservation of Amazon rainforest.

    Leadership Consultant



    Creating a training and development strategy for ACTV employees, Peru.

    Research Associate


    Research, Innovation and Product Development

    Data-driven innovation and product development; Growing and developing Global Leaders.

    Research Assistant


    University College London

    Funded by the British Psychology Society to evaluate the long-term outcomes of children with neurodisability.

    Assistant Psychologist


    Neurodisability Unit

    Throwing plastic balls, colouring in and hiding in the lift.


    Other, serious, clinical stuff but ...those are my most treasured memories.

    Research Assistant


    University of Cambridge

    Reality monitoring and how it relates to patients with schizophrenia.

    BSc Psychology

    University of Surrey

    2009-2013 (1st class)

  • Projects

    On a path of exploration, not discovery

    Evaluating women's leadership development programmes


    Why The King's Fund's Athena, is different.


    Social identities of black women leaders in nursing


    Why "The Glass Slipper" won't fit


    Women's leadership development, Uganda


    Leading beyond (all kinds of!) boundaries


    Increasing women in conservation leadership, Peru


    Sometimes inspiration takes engineering


    Gendered language in the workplace, USA


    Don't ban 'Bossy' - own it.


    Work-life balance for mothers caring for children with ASD


    How do you juggle wife, mother, carer, employee

    ...when you only have two hands?


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